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Hi everyone!!
My name is Malena and I have been dancing Argentine tango for a long time, it is my great passion, it is the mirror of my dreamed life, the one that has nothing to do with schedules, commitments, work, but to do only with the deep melodies of my being, dancing on his notes the happy events and also the sad ones, which are so well accompanied by his music, sometimes so poignant.
Argentine tango is passion, it is music, it is life, it is also a ritual of subtle seduction that is renewed at every opportunity, when I choose the dress that underlines and enhances my femininity, when I choose a particular accessory or hairstyle, a perfume ... and shoes
I love shoes, like any self-respecting woman, they have dozens of pairs of shoes and I buy them at every opportunity, always looking for the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort, because, let's face it, tango shoes are special shoes: they must be light like clouds and equally pleasing to the eye, but they must also be resistant, comfortable, stable, perfectly balanced, difficult to have all this at once, right?
Not from now. The idea of ​​a new Argentine tango shoe brand, both for men and women, was born a few year ago and quickly took shape, thanks to the encouragement and practical help of some friends, masters and professional dancers , which helped me to develop these new shoes from a technical point of view. I put my taste for colors, for classic lines but also with a touch of originality.
I am therefore deeply excited to present the Necesita Italian Tango Shoes for the first time to the public. I do not want to dwell any further, I leave my "creatures" to your judgment of certain dancers and dancers, as they are, that you cannot but be fascinated. Starting today and in the coming days I will post some models of the Necesita collection and I will also be happy to respond to your comments and messages that you can leave here or even by writing to
With love